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Negotiating First Place: What to Keep in Mind On Page One.

Posted: 2014-12-26
Written by: Site Administrator

So much of SEO is spent on reaching the incredibly high goal of showing up on Page One that often businesses neglect to brace themselves for the surge of responsibilities and expectations that will come their way after they achieve their goal.  this post, recapitulates some common and other not-so-common SEO insights.

Some points to keep in mind:

For many businesses, top rank does not come easily or without support from a team gathered from the outside.  Make time to learn the tools and techniques that your SEO support team has put in place. If you were to stop working with them or needed to switch to another provider for any reason you will not feel the pinch of discontinuity.

  • Learn from Google! Being number one doesn’t mean you can stop learning.  Keep yourself abreast of emerging trends. Try to foresee the changes in the industry. Prepare the business commensurately.


  • Always remember the simple rules: One keyword per page, no duplicate content, keep the website interface clean and free of gimmicks, check for broken links regularly. Keep your customers in the loop for any upcoming changes. Ensure that the internal search in the website is efficient and offers sharp results.


  • Page rank is not simply Halloween candy handed out for well- done content; in the real world it translates into goods and/or services. Remember who you are serving and why. Abide by your promises. If you’ve not made any promises thus far, the New Year is a good time to start!


  • So much time in SEO is spent on optimizing the website that one good thumb rule to follow is to strengthen one thing in the physical world of the operation for each positive SEO outcome.


It’s Really the Landing Page!

Trust your instinct about which page to tweak when. First impressions may not be the last impression but it sets the tone for the business.  This means that the landing page needs to function a little bit like Edward Scissorhands – it should surprise, have a pulse on the current news, capture the essence of the spirit of your enterprise and feel fresh on every visit. If your business has a physical location make sure website has a map linking visitors to that location. Also, make sure that staff bios are crisp and up- to -date. Celebrate internal success loudly on the website. (Before you celebrate, don’t forget to take stock.)

Measure! Measure! Measure!

 Enjoy the extra room that success brings but continue to operate at the same level of urgency. Not everything will translate into sales. Find ways to measure customer interest above and beyond GA. Treat these home grown components of measure with the same respect you would consider hard data.

Make time regularly scan Yelp and other industry review sites.  Pay attention to what your business is being praised/ criticized for. Pay special attention to specific praise from customers – that is a pointer to an innovation or excellence that is your businesses unique feature. If there have been any off-key moments with a customer or two, make sure to address that somewhere on your website – either the blog or in Q & A.

As you move towards top spot, remember to not be too hard on yourself.  If number one feels like too much 1-2-3 is good too.  If you’ve methodically worked your way up to position number one the above mentioned additional responsibilities should be no problem at all.



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